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Drs. Henny van Laarhoven, Rb (MS).

Director, Orbis Group


Developments in hospital processes and their impact on design of buildings

Henny van Laarhoven was first as hospital director and later as building director involved in the development of the very innovative Orbis Medical Park (OMC) in the South of Holland. Within the Zuyderland Medical Centre (a merged organization of Orbis Medical Park and Atrium Hospital) she is now responsible for the housing (re)allocation as a result of the strategic medical specialist function plan. She is since 2009 also working as an international consultant advising organisations how to change processes that form the prelude to an innovative design brief for the renovation or new construction of hospitals and/or other healthcare institutions. Orbis Medical Park (OMC) is designed as a very innovative hospital for the 21st century. To achieve this, the very latest techniques and technologies were used in the field of information, medical technology, and logistics/robotic logistics. Process innovation and defined new ways of working were the drivers behind the program of demands for the new departments. The newest information and communication technologies and automated logistics facilitated the innovations. At Prague International Health Summit 2018, Henny will talk about her experience with developments in hospital processes and will demonstrate how they influence design of new buildings.


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