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Dvorovy Vladimír Dvorový, MD, MPH

Chief Executive Officer, ProCare and Svet Zdravia


New generation hospital in Michalovce and its role in Svet Zdravia (audio in Slovak)

Vladimír Dvorový is a Chief Executive Officer at ProCare and Svet Zdravia. Vladimír graduated from medicine at Charles University in Hradec Králové and from Faculty of Public Health at Slovakian Health University. After graduation, he worked as a physician with specialization in internal medicine in Trebišov hospital. Later, he became general manager of this hospital. Vladimír also held the position of director in New generation hospital in Michalovce, a brand new regional hospital which belongs to Svet Zdravia, the largest hospital network in Slovakia. At Prague International Health Summit 2018, Vladimír will talk about experiences he gained in New generation hospital Michalovce and about its role in Svet Zdravia.


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