6th International Health Summit


Innovative models for providing health services: Ensuring availability, quality and safety for patients



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This time the conference focused on the key point of all health systems: how to organize and provide medical services so that they bring demonstrable value in the form of measurable results while remaining safe and friendly to patients? What conditions must be met in order to spontaneously arise and to enforce such an innovative, highly efficient model of providing health services?

In the first part we discussed system requirements for the effective delivery of health services, both at the level of resources and funding, and in particular at the relationship between providers and payers. We also discussed the question of information and communication infrastructure.

These system conditions were highlighted by an introductory workshop, which dealt in depth with the structure of the Dutch health care system. It was no coincidence: the Dutch model best of all existing systems in developed countries meets the conditions for the effective delivery of health services and in recent years has been repeatedly rated as one of the best in the world.

The main part of the conference focused on innovative delivery models and organization of health services on examples from all over the world. Such projects were presented from the USA, South Africa, Europe (Germany, the Netherlands), Middle East, Chile and India. Conference delegates had  the opportunity to meet particular organization and structure of successful micro-systems that provide highly effective comprehensive care for chronically ill patients.

Also this time two ninety-minute time blocks were,  devoted to parallel working groups, traditionally organized by major stakeholders in the health sector. This, along with more time space for panel discussions at the end of each block, further increased the highly interactive nature of our conference. In conclusion, the results of the conference were published in the form of a written declaration.

The conference was held again at the Hotel Pyramida, and hosted as always before very important speakers from abroad.

Program | Day 1


Why The Netherlands ranks the best in European Health Consumer Index
Johan Hjertqvist, Health Consumer Powerhouse, Sweden

Main differences between Dutch system and other European social health insurance systems
Angelika Szalayová, Health Policy Institute, Slovakia

Health insurance market structure and its trends in the Netherlands
Ronald Mooij, TNO – Netherlands Organisation For Applied Scientific Research, The Netherlands

Structure of health care providers and deregulation of health care purchasing
Ewout van Ginneken, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

High deductible health plans and HSAs in The Netherlands?
Tomáš Macháček, HealthReform.cz, Czech Republic


Welcome speech
Leoš Heger, Minister of Health, Czech Republic

Health care reforms supporting innovations: Way to effective, safe and convenient health care
Simon Stevens, UnitedHealth Group, United Kingdom


National risk pool and risk equalization supporting fair care for high risk groups
Wynand Van de Ven, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Competition of health plans for the best health outcomes
Marcel Canoy, ECORYS,The Netherlands

Contracting integrated health care delivery
Bradley Soll, Yarona Healthcare Network, South Africa

Preferred provider network as a solution partner for health plan
Mary Mason, CENTENE, USA

Transparent environment for expressing consumers' needs and preferences
Johan Hjertqvist, Health Consumer Powerhouse, Sweden

Leveraging information technology for health care integration
Jack Cochran, Permanente Federation, Kaiser Permanente, USA

Physician leadership as a key factor for success in providing quality
Malcolm Henoch, Oakwood Health Care Systems, USA

Program | Day 2


Kaiser successful disease management programs: Healthy bones, collaborative program for CAD
Jack Cochran, Permanente Federation, Kaiser Permanente, USA

Aravind Eye System: story from India
Ramaswami Krishnadas, Aravind Eye System, India

ICON story
Martin De Villiers, ICON, South Africa

Banmedica story
Carlos Kubick, Banmedica S. A., Chile

German success story in diabetes mellitus management
Lutz Altenhofen, Central Research Institute of Ambulatory Health Care, Germany

Common sense of leadership: inspiring workgroups
Pepper de Callier, Prague Leadership Institute, USA


Ronald Mooij, TNO – Netherlands Organisation For Applied Scientific Research, The Netherlands
Tomáš Macháček, HealthReform.cz, Czech Republic
Martin De Villiers, ICON, South Africa
Malcolm Henoch, Oakwood Health Care System, USA
Petr Kocian, Neovize, Czech Republic
Suppliers and Vendors:
Egbe Osifo-Dawodu, Anadach Group, Nigeria/USA


Knowledge Brokering in Heal th Care Reform Communication: Introduction of CEE Health Policy Network
Peter Pažitný, Health Policy Institute, Slovakia

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