10th Prague International Health Summit


Access for all in times of staff shortages


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The conference focused on changes that hospitals have to undergo as due to increasing importance of chronic diseases, population aging, new technologies and the ongoing centralization of specialized care. The first part of the conference was dedicated to examples of changes in the organizational structure and processes in individual hospitals. The second part focused on the distribution of duties among hospitals associated in regional networks and the management of flows of information, patients and staff within these networks. The third part was devoted to foreign and local examples of cooperation between hospitals and outpatient sector.
The conference was held on October 1–2, 2020 at Hotel International – and as ever – hosted distinguished speakers from abroad.


The conference is held in English and Czech with simultaneous interpreting

Day 1 October

Conference opening

  • Conference opening

    Pavel Hroboň – Advance Healthcare Management Institute | CZ
  • Changing models of care provision to ensure access and quality

    Pavel Hroboň – Advance Healthcare Management Institute | CZ

Creating a modern system of hospital care

  • Transformation of national hospital networks

    Wilm Quentin – Berlin University of Technology | Germany

  • Restructuring emergent and urgent care in Slovakia

     Henrieta Tulejová - Advance Healthcare Management Institute| Slovakia

  • Human resources in new generation hospital Bratislava - towards efficient processes and patient safety

    Vladimír Dvorový – Svet zdravia | Slovakia

  • Lean management of the operating room in a large multi-specialty hospital

    Danny Hage – Johnson&Johnson |Netherlands

  • Panel discussion + Q&A



Integrating hospital and outpatient care 

  • Preventing avoidable hospitalizations via community outreach and use of technology

    Henny van Laarhoven – Orbis Group | Zuyderland, Netherlands

  • Care & Services for Seniors – From Fragmentation to Integration

    Michael Bingham – Presbyterian homes | USA

  • Patient segmentation to predict health risks

    Kurt Waltenbaugh – Carrot Health | USA

  • Integrating care for severely obese diabetic patients

    Daniel Hodyc – Advance Healthcare Management Institute |CZ

  • Panel discussion + Q&A

Day 2 October

Opening of Day 2 

  • opening of Day 2

    Jana Cigániková, Chairwoman of the Committee on Health Care, National Council of the Slovak republic

Impact of staff shortages in outpatient care 

  • Expected development of Outpatient Care Accessibility in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

    Lenka Šlegerová - Advance Healthcare Management Institute, s.r.o.| CZ

  • Navigating a path to the next normal for healthcare ecosystems: a focus on remote health.

    Dr. Angela Spatharou – McKinsey & Company | UK

  • Developing primary care networks as part of an integrated approach to out of hospital care

    Karen Kirkham – | NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group, UK

  • Role of payers in ensuring access

    Martin Kultan – Dovera health insurer| Slovakia

  • Panel discussion + Q&A


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